Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stripping to Be a Feminist

Don't you just long to swing 'round and 'round a sticky metal pole while letting those hot ta ta's of yours bounce about as a way to get a good cardio exercise? Oui, stripping! This is one of the trendiest, new workouts targeted at women. However, many women wonder how this might play on one's role as a liberated, bright, and modern woman. Some argue that this is as liberated as you get; by using one's body for personal gain such as good health, money (if that's what we're talking about), your man or woman's satisfaction, and/or a sense of sexiness. On the flipside, though, some argue that the act of stripping takes us back a few decades to times when the female body was objectified more often than not. Also, that stripping makes one look like a mindless sex toy.

I suppose it depends on the person and under what terms the stripping is being done. Overall, I think it's how you feel when you're humping the heck out of that pole; if you feel awesome, keep it up (the stripping of course)! And if not....well, then stop and go back to the pilates.

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