Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When One Is Granted Too Much Time

The results can be spectacular!
First, I painted my rendition of the Giant Pink Sea Snail from the 1967's Dr. Dolittle. Then, I was STILL BORED! Yeah!
So, I decorated a monkey plush thing that I discovered in the basement. Now I am
tired; but still antsy.

Here's that pink snail I was telling ya'll about!

And here's that poor, poor monkey! Wow!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Like Garden Gnomes?

WELL, then you're a wanna-be Amelie, okay?

WWII Is Over So Get Over It (but remember, of course)

With new eye-opening films based on WWII such as The Reader and The Boy In the Striped Pajamas, one can only wonder, "WTF?"
For one (now, I'm not quite sure on the specifics here and this was told to me by a peer source) how can an almost ninety-year-old German man living in the United States be deported back to Germany and charged with murder on hund
reds, even thousands of accounts that were all acquired in a certain concentration camp during the Holocaust?
Of course, the acts of evil and persecution are not to be ignored. However, these acts were ca
rried out because of law and the consequences of not obeying them; no if's and's or but's.
Imagine. You are told by a diligent and rigid system that you are to adhere to a strict policy or your family or your very own life will be at stake. And it was true! This is no "Click it or ticket" policy at hand, these were people.
So, who is the modern law system to say that these crimes are fit to enter a courthouse at all? Who is to say that even they would never commit the heinous acts circa 1939-1945 if pushed far enough?
After seeing The Reader, I wondered how anyone could be tried for something that was legal and the law in their country at that particular time that the crime was committed. It
just doesn't make sense. Awful example, but what if you had a horrible habit of spitting your gum out on the cement? Then, sixty years later, they pass a law forbidding the mere act. The consequence if you do happen to expel a gum ball onto the pavement; death. Woops, but the government officials get a hold of a picture of you hawking a sizable amount of Juicy Fruit on the street; bada bing, bada boom, you're killed for it. Basically, there's no account taken for the time and culture in which the act was committed.

That is all. For now.

A scene from The Reader YUM!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring Fever

What a lovely day is this? Soft light, Madeleine Peyroux mingling with the swishy swash of the trees...and a wonderfully cool, refreshing breeze. A note to Summer: Stay on vacation, like me.

Meet Joel; he's sleeping and was completely unaware that I took a photo! Ha!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ink Magazine drawings

I was asked to commission a series of drawings for Ink Magazine's fashion bit for July's issue. I had a wonderful time researching and puzzling together different styles for this season. Here are three of the five drawings to be in the next issue.


Do we share a plane or world with ghosts, spirits, and apparitions of the mentioned?
Me? Oui, I think so. There are a plethora of unexplained phenomena and if we dare or dare not to call them ghosts, these happenings still remain in the realm of mystery and defy normality.

So, yes, I do enjoy ghost stories and the unexplained but please don't fabricate these experiences; it's bursting my bubble, raining on my parade, and the such.

Why am I spewing about this? I just watched a show on Fox Reality titled "Ghosts: Fact or Fiction?". Some of the so-called spirits that were caught on film were extremely believable, but others missed the mark and were dubbed "fakes" by the show. So, damn you people with too much time on your hands and for spending your time creating faux ghost encounters! It's lame!

The Small of it

What sort of day would a day without transportation be?
Well, I have an answer to that God-awful question. It is this; there is no day, only the endless rapt of white noise, a keyboard, and an air conditioning system. It's a boundless bubble and I am trapped inside of it. Wonderful.

I can only sit back and glance at a clock.
At least I'm not in the state that this rotisserie chicken mummy is in here.