Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Chintzy Outfitter

I love Urban Outfitters. It's a big time guilty pleasure of mine. However, I dispise their prices. The last time I paid UO a visit, I spied some lovely/cute/pretty/way neato headbands. The stretchy "band" part of it was made out of bra strap elastic and the applique was just, well, an applique. I thought how easy and simple it would be to fashion one of these $28 headbands on my own. And I did. All I had to do was buy a little bit of trim, a felt square, some beads, and the elastic. I then beaded the beads to the trim for a more refined and sparkly look (the beading took a while, about an hour, and is difficult to see in the photos, unfortunately), added a piece of felt to the back (for structure), then measured my head's circumference with the elastic, and sewed it up! Easy as that! I'm planning to make some more since they came out so well and look exactly like the headbands I saw at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. The only difference? Mine only cost $5 to make and enjoy!

My self-made head band

Expensive, lame $28 head band

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