Friday, December 25, 2009

Yule, 2009

Wow! All the gift-giving and recieving has ended! However, there is still a mighty plethora of cookies awaiting consumption. But, with this holiday, have come many unforgettable memories with many still to come.

The tree; in splendor!

Alex's photo tree - made by me with credit to The Big Ass Book of Crafts's Mark Montano. Mine looks better than his though. Just a side.

Close up! Notice Alex Trebek there. Mmmm.

My Pep Pep and Mum (looking delirious) this morning. My father received a lovely NOSE COZY...which is a knitted hat for the nose. It really works. Jealous/want one? Let me know and I'll craft one up for little old you.

This here is a painting that I completed for my Early Religion class. It represents the Mesoamerican folk belief of the Nahual, who are witches that can shape-shift into turkeys, donkeys, dogs, cats, foxes (as shown), etc.

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