Friday, May 22, 2009


Do we share a plane or world with ghosts, spirits, and apparitions of the mentioned?
Me? Oui, I think so. There are a plethora of unexplained phenomena and if we dare or dare not to call them ghosts, these happenings still remain in the realm of mystery and defy normality.

So, yes, I do enjoy ghost stories and the unexplained but please don't fabricate these experiences; it's bursting my bubble, raining on my parade, and the such.

Why am I spewing about this? I just watched a show on Fox Reality titled "Ghosts: Fact or Fiction?". Some of the so-called spirits that were caught on film were extremely believable, but others missed the mark and were dubbed "fakes" by the show. So, damn you people with too much time on your hands and for spending your time creating faux ghost encounters! It's lame!

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